Specialist for house and apartment

The wallpapers are yellowed, the painting or the painting has become unsightly. A „facelifting“ is thus overdue?

But because a residential or house renovation is quite labor-intensive, it is gladly pushed to the long bank. It does not have to be.

With the three-master service of the family business Gruber Painting the house / house is no problem.

In the context of the Gruber painting, you are relieved of all work when requested: furniture is trimmed, furniture remaining in the room as well as floors are carefully covered. Pictures, carnies and curtains are disassembled. Reliability and reliability are self-evident to us. On request other professionals such as electricians, plumbers, tilers, furniture mover etc. will be provided.

Ordination Service
Looking for a reliable partner …

who will re-paint the ordination in your SUMMER PAUSE, paint the
doors and windows and look
after the cleaning work after the work.

Also the coordination or the cooperation with various professionals is gladly fulfilled on request. Contact us so that we can provide you with a non-committal offer for your ordination. We hope to see you soon.

Rehabilitation of fire and water damage

  • We rehabilitate about 300-350 fire or water damage per year, you profit from our competence in this field.
  • We quickly prepare cost estimates, which are also generally accepted by the insurance companies.
  • We guarantee fast and professional execution.

services for the Aged

Are you afraid of the
upcoming … painter, painting, wallpaper and flooring work?

  • Removing and clearing your premises after the painting work
  • Removing and suspending the curtains
  • Cleaning after various work
  • Coordination or cooperation with various professionals

We will help you and advise you free of charge.

secretarial services

Find a reliable partner …

which will re-paint your office, who strokes your doors and windows and who cares about the cleaning work after the work ?!

Then do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you a non-binding offer for your office! As an additional service, we offer you the coordination with the various professionals, with whom we have been cooperating closely for many years.

internal insulation

Efficient insulation with Getifix insulation systems

Constantly rising energy costs, ever-increasing CO2 emissions, combined with an alarming increase in global warming: It has never been easier to recognize the signs of the times.
They mean: saving energy – as much as possible, as quickly as possible, as effectively as possible.

Up to 85 percent of heat losses on the outside wall can be avoided!

Mold remediation with TÜV seal

Standard create where no standard was

mold is a real threat to buildings, people and material. It is even more menacing when the fungus is fought with wrong measures or bad products – which is often the case, because sanitation regulations are missing or insufficient. Getifix and its affiliates have long been actively involved in the so-called „dangerous half-knowledge“. In several seminars for partner companies, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of mold remediation is deepened.
As a result, Getifix customers have the certainty of obtaining proven safety and professional, sustainably effective services.